How to Avoid Anxiety in Times of Quarantine?

In these times where it is essential and of utmost importance to stay at home for our well-being, that of those we love and contribute to the healing of our country.

Anxiety can very easily creep into our lives, reaching the point of despair, demotivation or tiredness without even doing anything. Making the days a hard burden to bear.

We know that this current forty-year situation is quite hard for some to bear, because it seems that in a certain way they have lost their way and control of their daily life. And, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to do all the things we couldn’t or to rest, it feels like an imposed punishment that drains our energy, increasing stress and the feeling of closure.

But don’t worry, all hope is not lost. Only with determination and creativity can you turn this quarantine into a space for learning and growth, while fighting stress at the same time. So shake off the fatigue and look at these tips to avoid anxiety in times of quarantine.

Why do we get anxious about staying home?

How many times have you wished you could take a few days or weeks off from work to do nothing? The more we work day by day, the more we wish we had a vacation just to rest. So why are many people feeling anxiety in this quarantine? It’s very simple. Because quarantine is not synonymous with a vacation, but a struggle to survive.

With few supplies and open sources to get them, with the restriction of only leaving for a couple of hours a family member and without the possibility of visiting friends or family. This is not exactly a situation in recess to enjoy. And that’s just what causes stress and despair in people, since they can’t access the comforts and options they once had.

But above all, it is because we no longer have the same activity as before and that can generate mental fatigue, which causes the brain activity itself to accumulate without being able to be released. Causing distress, repetitive thoughts and even physical exhaustion. All products of a low amount of energy to drive us to do something.

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How to Avoid Anxiety in Times of Quarantine

Chaos and confinement as a basis for anxiety

Another cause of anxiety during quarantine times is the chaos and despair that some people transmit on the streets. Both because of the viral danger to which we are all at risk, and because of the lack of access to regular supplies. Thus, news of contagion, disease or problems experienced by others can fuel stress levels in the face of the unknown how to overcome it.

Now, there is the other pole. For some, being at home is not a major inconvenience because they can enjoy working there virtually or because they don’t go out very often. But for others, leisure and confinement is not a good combination at all because they feel unproductive by not being able to go to their daily activities, unmotivated by not going out to exercise or worried by not being able to visit their loved ones.

Is it normal to feel this way in these times?

Most of those who are suffering from some kind of anxiety in this quarantine ask themselves, are we going crazy? and the answer is no. Feeling unmotivated, discouraged or somewhat stressed during a quarantine lockdown is completely normal. Well, it’s just a natural response to something that threatens our integrity, safety, freedom and from which we cannot escape.

It is up to us to be aware and to take shelter at home so that everything can soon return to normal.

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