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Did you wake up this morning to brush your hair only to realize how damaged and dead it is? Were you looking for healthy ways on how to have a natural healthy charm to your hair? 

There are numerous ways on how to achieve this look with a bit of knowledge and care.

Why do I not have healthy hair?

Of course, everyone has different hair. Be it in their look, in the thickness of their hair, or the texture. Every hair is treated differently, too. The one thing all hair has in common is that depending on how you treat it, it affects your hair greatly

Many factors contribute to why your hair is dull and lacks life, and one of the factors is your diet! Your hair is a reflection of what you eat, and lacking in nutritional foods and having a poor diet leads to your hair not getting the proper nourishment it needs.

Studies by Emily Guo and Rajani Katta show that happens because your body prioritizes other organs, and deems your hair “less important” until your body gets the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Vitamins are helpful during the hair restoration process, as it strengthens your hair and provides protection to your scalp. Many vitamins like iron, protein, Vitamins A, B and C all prove to help hair growth.

Other than your diet many other factors can lead to dull hair such as stress and many products for your hair. We’ll get into that shortly!

What else contributes to unhealthy hair?

As mentioned previously, many hair products are harmful to your hair and can cause damage. If you use flat irons and other heat induced products often that can be a huge complication for your  hair. The heat drains moisture, and leads to dry hair. 

Result for hair ironer on google images

Another honorable mention is cheap shampoo and conditioner, which are usually mixed with harmful chemicals. Lack of proper brushing can also contribute to damaged hair.

What can I do to achieve this?

Now that you’ve learned what causes unhealthy hair and breakage, let’s learn what you can do to have a complete restoration!

Try foods with a good amount of protein or that could help in hair growth. You should also avoid applying chemicals to your hair as that could further damage it. 

A well deserved rest (proper sleep in general) is also such a big help when growing healthy hair, as it reduces stress and makes you feel so much better too.

Thank you for taking the time to read! We certainly hope that you have learned how to care properly for your hair and that you’re ready to take action and welcome such healthy hair. Do share your results or opinions down below! We’d love to hear from you.

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