17 Tips to Avoid Quarantine Anxiety

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Following up our last article: How to Avoid Anxiety in Time of Quarantine

Don’t worry if you feel dizzy, tired, restless, or agitated from time to time. The important thing is that you do not let yourself be governed by these feelings or the feeling of loneliness and when these appear take the decision and practice some of the tips below!.

Kid with nothing to do to avoid quarantine anxiety
Tips to avoid quarantine anxiety

1. Create a daily agenda

The first step is to adapt to this situation and try to create a new daily routine. So look for different activities you want to do and plan them in an agenda as if it were your usual daily routine.

This will help you stay focused and avoid so much disparity in your life. But this will only work if you commit to the routine and that means waking up early, dressing appropriately and following your self-imposed schedule.

2. Create a To-Do List

This situation does not last, so take advantage of this break time to create a list of everything you want to do once this happens. Creating new projects or plans will help you to stay focused when you return to your normal routine, as well as to have a new motivational purpose. A good tip is to prepare or research everything you need to do during this quarantine so that you will be more willing.

Keeping you busy will of course help you to avoid your quarantine anxiety.

3. Keep Studying

Now that you can have a lot of free time, instead of hanging around your home, sit down in front of your computer and look for courses, good content articles or web advice to keep you learning. Both from your field of study and from other things you’ve always wanted to find out.

Platforms like Coursera, Khan Academy or different MOOCs will always be available for free to keep you studying.

4. Reinforce your knowledge

Another good option is for you to research sites on the web to practice your knowledge. There are several platforms where you can continue to train your math, language, programming, music, painting, writing skills, etc. There are also mobile apps where you can enter groups of people around the world to practice and share.

With these tools, you can entertain yourself while you reinforce what you have already learned and even find new discoveries to help you improve your skills.

5. Find a new hobby

This will help not only you but the rest of your family to find ideal entertainment for those evenings where it seems you have nothing to do. You can start reading, drawing, knitting, sewing, painting, or playing in mind skill apps.

This will also help you keep your brain active and avoid burnout. Who knows, you may even like it and take it with you when everything returns to its regular course.

6. Learn a new skill

Have you ever wanted to learn or train in something but didn’t have the time? Well, now is your ideal time. Take this opportunity to learn a new language, perfect your techniques or start with what you wanted.

Sites such as Open English, Crehana, Domestika, or Google, have free special courses for this quarantine on different topics, which you should not miss.

7. Take back something you left

This is also a good opportunity to take up something you left pending, such as the list of books you wanted to read this year, fix something in your home or do the cleaning you had in mind. Everything you promised can be fulfilled in this quarantine. This way you will not have anything to do when you return to your daily life. Don’t avoid that!

Although, on the other hand, you can take this time to leave behind a habit that you said you wanted to break but you hadn’t worked on it.

8. Create an exercise routine

Keeping your body active is as important as keeping your mind healthy, so don’t give up on physical activity these days. Instead, explore different YouTube channels from fitness experts to start getting in shape. You can find everything from beginner routines, to cardio, to toning, to yoga, to Pilates, to resistance, and to full-body workouts.

9. Check out

Very rarely do we manage to find a moment for ourselves, to take care of ourselves and to give our aesthetic health a loving touch, because now the time has come. For this you can look for tutorials on aesthetic care that you can recreate in your home with homemade ingredients and turn your space into a five-star spa.

10. Organize your home

According to some arts like Feng Shui, a disorder in the home can transmit bad energies to the people living in it, because it promotes stagnation, instead of fluidity and harmony. So take this time to organize your home and leave it as an immaculate temple.

That way you will see how your mood changes, maybe you can find some lost treasures or have some to donate. The best thing is that you can dedicate a small area each day.

11. Check your closet

You can also take the opportunity to clean out your closet. So that you can organize everything in a more functional and beautiful way. You can also take the time to see which clothes you no longer use, and then donate them and which need a touch up, which you can do with DIY skills.

12. Do activities with your children

Remember that the little ones in the home may also suffer quarantine anxiety, even more so since they cannot go out to play, study or see their friends. A good recommendation is to devise games and activities to enjoy during the day.

You can also teach them new skills such as cooking, drawing, learning a language, crafts, etc. And even use video calls so they can meet their friends.

13. Use social networks and TV wisely

As we said, something that generates a lot of stress and concern is the constant news and some exaggerated news about the current situation. So try to reduce the amount of news you’re looking for and instead use the networks and TV to communicate with your loved ones, create video call groups, watch tutorials or listen to podcasts that help you grow and look for fun games.

You can also use the Netflix platform to watch series or movies and turn your home into a movie theater.

14. Unleash your creativity

If you are a very creative person or one who likes to invent something new, then don’t stop at this situation and find new ways to inspire or create. Take everything in your home to make something new, to renew an object in your home, to customize your clothes, to create new clothes, etc.

15. Follow different tutorials

You can also take advantage of this moment to watch different tutorials that will teach you how to create or develop new skills. Such as make-up, nails, hairdressing, art, sewing, DIY techniques, crafts, etc. that you can follow from home and be an expert when you finish your quarantine.

This is the perfect time for you to put that trial and error into practice.

16. Practice in the kitchen

But if your thing is the kitchen, then this space is perfect for you to practice all those recipes you have saved or those desserts that will renew your energy. But remember to maintain a healthy and balanced diet as well, so look for natural as well as delicious options.

17. Look for relaxing exercises

However, if you need something a little more relaxing, to help you quiet your mind or keep your body in balance. Then practice breathing exercises that will help relieve muscle tension. The best options for this are yoga, tai chi or meditation.

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