Top 5 Benefits of Healthy Eating

Eating a well-balanced diet can help you lower your risk of several diseases and maintain a healthy weight.

There are certain times when it is particularly important to make sure you follow a healthy diet, for example, if you want to lose weight or if you are watching what you eat because you are pregnant. However, it’s important to eat a balanced diet throughout your life, no matter how old you are; there’s never a bad time to make changes and improve your eating habits.

Why a Good Nutrition and Healthy Food is Important?

Good nutrition means that your body gets all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to work properly. To do this, you must learn to plan your meals and snacks wisely, so they are rich in nutrients and low in calories.

Bad eating habits have contributed to the increase in obesity in the world. According to the WHO, in 2019, over 1.9 billion adults aged 18 and older, and 38.2 million children under the age of 5 years were overweight or obese. Even for those of adequate weight, a nutrient-poor diet is associated with increased health risks, which can cause illness and even death.

Now you may know why healthy eating is important, however, here is a list of benefits you can get both long and short term from eating healthy. 

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Benefits of Healthy Eating

1. Increases your productivity

At rest, the brain consumes a large part of your body’s energy which comes from your nutritional intake. The better the fuel, the better your brain will function. And conversely. Unhealthy eating decreases your brain’s productivity, but proper nutrition increases your ability to concentrate and your efficiency. 

2. Protects you from serious diseases

A healthy eating today is a healthy body tomorrow. Eating well is good for your body. In the long term: it reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke), so you will be better protected from the leading cause of death in contemporary society.

Otherwise, if you eat poorly, you will be more exposed to suffer one of the above diseases and also diabetes, arthritis, or cancer. Eating healthy means betting on the quality of life and also on your future health. You have an entire life left in the same body, take care of it!

3. Stimulates your taste buds

Many people today lead busy lives. It is increasingly common to resort to prepared and packaged foods and eat them on the go. The problem is that the industries make processed food to entice us with the “right” amount of sugar, salt, and fat and to make us want more. It may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but somehow we become addicted to these foods and our taste buds get used to consuming high amounts of salt, sugar, and lipids.

Therefore, healthy foods may seem less tasty to us. Eating healthy helps to awaken your taste system and to delight you with more different and natural flavors. Processed foods will seem too salty, too fatty, or too sweet and you will enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet without exceptions.

4. Increases your energy

We’ve all had a hard time eating during the break and seeing our energy go up in smoke when we return to work. That feeling that you don’t feel like working at all and that you seem to wait for the working day to end. Have you ever wondered why you get so sleepy in the afternoon? If your meal contains too many simple carbohydrates, your blood sugar level will skyrocket.

Because (excess) sugar is dangerous to your body, it releases large amounts of insulin. This substance carries the sugar molecules from your bloodstream into the cells, so your blood glucose level drops and your body asks for more sugar. This starts a vicious circle in which the body constantly releases insulin and increases drowsiness.

Healthy eating consisting of complex carbohydrates (pasta or wholemeal bread), vegetables, and protein will free you from the urge to sleep in the afternoon, and from the resulting depression and discomfort — it’s worth a try!

5. Delays the aging process

Who wouldn’t be willing to try everything to keep from getting old? For some reason, we are all afraid of age, even if it is something we cannot avoid if we live for many years.

If you were given the formula for staying young today, I’m sure you wouldn’t refuse it. No one would! Youth is a treasure we don’t want to lose. However, we must be realistic. Eventually, all of us, absolutely all of us, will get older. Aging is a process we can’t avoid, but we can delay it. Do you know how?  Through healthy eating.

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